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Micaela Williams (formerly Walley) is a multifaceted creative professional with two Bachelors degree from the University of South Alabama in English and Communication and a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of Baltimore. She wrote and self-published the chapbook of poems titled, "Cut The Lights." 

Additionally, Micaela has forged a dynamic career that seamlessly blends her love for the written word with her expertise in the digital realm.  She offers cutting-edge social media marketing and management services tailored specifically for writers. Micaela has worked with many authors, helping them navigate the digital sphere and achieve their social media goals. Her unwavering dedication has seen her clients grow their audiences, connect with readers worldwide, and ultimately enhance their literary careers.

Beyond her role as a social media marketing professional and poet, Micaela is a passionate dancer who finds inspiration in movement and rhythm. When she's not writing poems or devising social media strategies, you can find Micaela lost in the rhythm of dance, where she explores new dimensions of storytelling through her body.

Currently residing in the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, Micaela shares her life with her loving husband and her cat, Chunky. Connect with Micaela on Instagram and Twitter @micaela_poetry. 


Praise For Cut the Lights

Micaela Walley leans all the way into the eye of grief, into the sweat of memory, into the ‘onyx and obsidian’ wing of the vulture as it hunts. These poems draw us close in a voice that is honest, full of breath and close to flesh.


Poet Laureate of the State of Alabama

With sardonic wit and a post-modern sense of reinvention, this collection resonates with wisdom, lyricism, and urgency. The poems reflect on history and personal ancestry while also staking a claim for the future.


author of Code and Many Small Fires

Laying aside the bombast of knives, Walley’s poems work like scalpels. Each incision reveals an instant—the pills, the drugs, the anxieties of family rupture—and unlocks the instants of the past as they tread on the future.


author of Dor

and Ribald 

In The Press

Praise For Micaela's Social Media  Marketing Services

. Micaela uniquely understands how to make various platforms work for writers, and has been an invaluable resource to me

on all things social media. 

She is knowledgeable, responsive, effective,

and smart.


author of City People

Micaela’s social media savviness knows no limits! Her TikTok videos have received millions of views and grew my platform by over 50k almost overnight. Her work is impeccable and I recommend her to everyone.


NYT bestselling author of Maid

Micaela is a superstar at identifying an author's needs and curating a social media plan that makes sense and is doable. Her support in building a platform is priceless! 


author of Strung Out

In The Press


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